sewak al-muslim (kayu siwak)

siwak tiga - toko almishbah2Termasuk sunnah yang paling sering dan yang paling senang dilakukan oleh Rosulullah shallallahu ‘alaihi wa sallam adalah bersiwak. Siwak merupakan pekerjaan yang ringan namun memiliki faedah yang banyak baik bersifat keduniaan yaitu berupa kebersihan mulut, sehat dan putihnya gigi, menghilangkan bau mulut, dan lain-lain, maupun faedah-faedah yang bersifat akhirat, yaitu ittiba’ kepada Nabi shallallahu ‘alaihi wa sallam dan mendapatkan keridhoan dari Allah U. Sebagaimana sabda Rosulullah shallallahu ‘alaihi wa sallam:

السِّوَاكَ مَطْهَرَةٌ لِلْفَمِّ مَرْضَاةٌ لِلرَّبِّ (رواه أحمد)“Siwak merupakan kebersihan bagi mulut dan keridhoan bagi Rob”. (Hadits shohih riwayat Ahmad, irwaul golil no 66). (Syarhul mumti’ 1/120 dan taisir ‘alam 1/62)Harga Rp 11.000

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The company was keen to cooperate with local and international research centers in order to improve the validity of Siwak. and to depend on natural resources and also research made to produce other products extracted from Siwak and we are looking forward to offering it in markets on 2012. The first and unique of these products is produced in cooperation with research centers in India, and Pharmaceutical Research Centre in King Saud university in Riyadh, to be complementary to teeth-care products.

Chemical Composition of Siwak:
1- Recent laboratory researches indicate that Siwak prepared from and contains a large portion of (gall), an anti-mildew substance and an antiseptic astringent that stops bleeding of gum and strengthens it.

“It is of severe odor and acrid taste that kills bacteria. 2-Researches emphasize that there is a mustard substance called sinnigrin”

3- Dr. Tariq Al Khoury affirmed the existence of chloride and silica which increase the degree of whiteness of teeth, and there is a  gum substance covering enamel and protects teeth from caries.

4- There is also “methylamine” that helps the recovery of gum and helps it grow properly. It is an antiseptic that can adapt “PH” of the oral cavity in a way that affects “indirectly” in the growth of microbes, researchers found also other quantities of anti-tumor.

5- After scrutinizing the Siwak stick and investigating its components and its medical value, it was found that it contains a good amount of Florin that makes teeth strong and resistent to acid effect of caries, the main role of Florin is clear in the stage of growth and formation of teeth as the element goes strongly into it to replace other atoms that are less reactive such as potassium and sodium in the inner parts of enamel and makes atomic bonds formed by the new substance that are more strong than the bonds of less reactive elements. Moreover, the exposure of enamel to florin at this stage transforms it from “hydroxyapatite” to another strong form that is “fluroapatite”.

6- Other than florin, there is an amount of chlorine that removes tincture , and silica  that has a known role in protecting teeth.

7- there is a substance called “silica” of about 4% of Siwak stick that has a characteristic to scrape and remove plaque

Also it is worthy mentioning sodium bicarbonates which  teeth healing assembly at American Dental Association recommended adding when healing teeth

9- There is a substance called “silva urea” in Siwak which is known for its ability to prevent caries and necrosis and therefore protects the formation of aforementioned areas of abscess.

10- When analyzing Siwak stick, We found there is an amount of ansinic acid that helps in throwing out phlegm from the chest as well as an amount of ascorbic acid and citocitrol, both can strengthen arterial capillaries of the gum.